Within the Research Action Plan, Plant ETP identified seven key actions for research for plant and agricultural sciences and industries and their practical application to farming, to be addressed and overcome by innovation. These key actions for the plant sector outlined in the Research Action Plan are:

Actions for sustainable plant production and yield

Action 1 – Improve resource use efficiency and resource stewardship
Action 2 – Enhance yield and yield stability for increased resilience in dynamic environments
Action 3 – Improve plant health for resilient production

Actions for quality of food, feed and non-food products

Action 4 – Develop plants with improved composition for human and animal nutrition and health
Action 5 – Improve composition and performance of plants for non-food products

Actions for a vibrant research environment

Action 6 – Develop and implement horizontal actions
Action 7 – Strengthen basic and applied research and research infrastructure to secure innovation RAP

Plant ETP supports Joint Programming and is a member of two stakeholders’ advisory board in:

FACCE JPI – The Joint Programming Initiative Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change
JPI HDHL – Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life 

Plant ETP contributes to EU funded projects:

CropBooster-P – Designing Plants for our Future
FIELDS - Addressing the current and Future skill needs for Sustainability, Digitalisation, and the Bioeconomy in Agriculture

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