Within the Innovation Action Plan, Plant ETP identified ten key actions required to deliver sustainable innovation leadership in European agriculture. These actions are clustered according to their impact on innovation success, predictability and coordination.

Actions to ensure innovation success

Action 1 - Promote critical scale in basic and applied research to sustain productivity growth after 2020
Action 2 - Reduce the risk of engaging in product-oriented applied research
Action 3 - Enable use of all processes and technologies considered safe
Action 4 - Reduce cost and time-to-market for innovative technologies and products

Actions to increase innovation predictability

Action 5 - Develop a transparent approach to Intellectual Property management and access to plant genetic resources
Action 6 - Develop public-private interfaces tailor-made for SMEs and large enterprises

Actions to improve innovation coordination

Action 7 - Improve sustainability and global leadership through regulation, standards and procurement
Action 8 - Integrate customers and farmers in the innovation process
Action 9 - Communicate short-, mid- and long-term skill needs in the entire sector
Action 10 - Integrate and make data and knowledge accessible across the value chain

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