List of NTPs 'Plants for the Future'

which are currently developing:

Flag Turkey

Turkish NTP

contact: and

Flag Italy

Italian NTP

contact: and website

Flag Czech

Czech NTP


Flag Hungary

Hungarian Sustainable and Competitive Horticulture NTP


Flag Spain

Spanish NTP for Plant Biotechnology "Biovegen"

contact: and website

Flag Netherlands

The plant reproduction materials sector, which has traditionally been very strong in The Netherlands is working on developing a NTP through its industry organization Plantum, the Research Committee of which brings together the relevant private and public actors.


Flag France

French NTP, GIS Biotechnologies Vertes

contact: Romain Piovan and website

Flag UK


contact: and

Flag Germany

In Germany, the plant sector is working on developing a NTP on the basis of the Plant Biotech 2030 research community and the Industry Association Plant Innovation (WPI), representing a wide range of plant-related industries.


We welcome anyone with an interest in such formations to contact the Plant ETP secretariat.