• To establish communication channels and improve information flow from and to European Commission
    Your organization and its members will get information on relevant research programmes and calls at very early stages. Corresponding documents and papers will be made available. As a member, you will be able to transfer specific research topics via the Plant ETP to EC, as Horizon 2020 proposal recognizes role of ETPs as part of external advice & societal engagement needed to implement Horizon 2020.
  • To form partnering and encourage team building for European research consortia
    Being a part of multistakeholder platform, gives you opportunity to meet potential partners for collaboration and to set up European research consortia. Plant ETP members include different industrial branches and farmers organisations from nearly all EU member states
  • To speak out your priorities to European Commission with regards to Plant breeding
    The Plant ETP is the only ETP covering plant breeding as a topic and thus it represents the voice of plant breeding within the concert of ETPs, and in particular within the ETP acting on the field of bioeconomy.
  • To enforce recognition of plant breeding as essential part of value chains
    Being member of the Plant ETP, you and your members will be able to confirm plant breeding as the decisive corner stone for transferring scientific knowledge as output of the genomic revolution into plant varieties and thus into market products. Thus via the Plant ETP your organisation and its members will be able to communicate the importance of plant breeding in Europe as prerequisite for setting up the knowledge based bioeconomy.
  • To Influence the Plant ETP strategy
    Being member of the Plant ETP with voting power in the steering council, your organisation and its members will be able to influence the future strategic direction of the Plant ETP


More detailed information regarding the conditions of Plant ETP membership can be found in the Plant ETP Statutes.


To join Plant ETP or to find out more, please contact the Plant ETP Secretariat at

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