The Futures of Agriculture


With CropBooster-P we aim for an ambitious goal within an environment afflicted with uncertainty: to develop a roadmap to pave the ground for future research that will lead to improved crop yields, increased sustainability and reduced environmental impact, and guaranteed nutritional quality of food in the future climate of Europe. 

In order to facilitate the success of this endeavor, we have initiated a Scenario Analysis approach. We aim to create learning scenarios that guide us for the CropBooster-P roadmap.

The outcome of the scenario building workshop will be “Learning Scenarios“ that

  • provide new perspectives on our WP and related tasks
  • help to make our results more robust against the influence of key uncertainties
  • facilitate a more proactive stance towards future threats and opportunities

On February 12th several members of consortium met in Plant ETP office premises at the preparation workshop to (1) define goals & scenario scope (2) prepare scenario building and (3) decide on scenario structure that will be further developed and discussed in mid-April.