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National Technology Platforms 'Plants for the Future'

While the main area of action for Plant ETP is Europe, it is obvious that European structures and decision processes are interconnected in many ways particularly with the Member States. Therefore, the Plant ETP undertook Member State consultations on the proposed Strategic Research Agenda in 2005/2006. Based on the feedback, the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) was finalised and published in 2007, to now focus on implementing the SRA. Building on this success, the Plant ETP encourages now the Member States to set up so called National Technology Platforms (NTPs) or support groups of ‘Plants for the Future’ in the individual countries across Europe.

The role of a National Technology Platform includes:

  • Developing a national SRA / Implementation plan to provide input to national programmes and activities;
  • Providing recommendations from the European SRA to the Programme Committee members on FP7 work programmes;
  • Foster implementation of recommendations from the European and the national SRA by the relevant ERA-NETs;
  • Support the joint programming, a new initiative from Commissioner Potocnik to foster interaction of the various programmes.

National Technology Platforms receive all information / knowledge from the Plant ETP and become a key partner of the Plant ETP. They represent a valuable means of networking stakeholder communities at the national level and provide an efficient channel for two way communication with the ETP in order to increase the knowledge transfer in Europe and to reach out with the Plant ETP's SRA, Action Plans and additional recommendations to national funding organisations and ministries. At the same time, information from the NTPs to the ETP will be highyl valuable for the work of the Plant ETP.

List of NTPs 'Plants for the Future' which are currently developing