Mission and Vision


Representing the whole plant innovation chain from fundamental research to crop production and food processing, Plant ETP is committed to stimulating research and innovation in plant science and agriculture as a joint basis between industry, academia and the farming community, to the benefit of the growers and the final consumers.


The Plant ETP aims to develop a competitive, independent and sustainable bio-based European economy that will address the specific needs and choices of European consumers in terms of not only agriculture and food, but through applications in a wide range of fields, including plant based pharmaceuticals, chemicals and energy.

The vision of the Plant ETP is to develop the plant sector in Europe to:

  • Meet the increasing demand for more food and feed, with higher qualities, health benefits and more diversity;
  • Develop plants as green factories for bio-materials, pharmaceuticals and bio-energy;
  • Produce more efficient plants, including the improvement of plant productivity and qualities as well as the reduction and the optimization of the environmental impact of agriculture and enhancement of the biodiversity

These immense challenges require prioritizing basic and applied research goals that are tailored to the needs of European society, agriculture and industries. The expertise and capabilities of European plant scientists need to be harnessed to generate a more profound understanding of plant biology. Novel public-private partnerships will also need to be created to develop these products and bring them to market.

Plant ETP working groups

  • Working group on Sustainable Agriculture
  • Working group on Gene Editing


Documents & Publications