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The European Technology Platform (ETP) ‘Plants for the Future’ is membership based ETP where all members agreed on the aim, main tasks, structure and budget. The PlantETP is a key stakeholder in the agri-food chain, representing those organisations, which are active in plant science research, companies investing up to 20% of their annual turnover in plant research and innovation, and farmers keen to access the latest technology adapted to their needs.

The Technology Platform calls upon the European Commission and Member States to take on board the integrated Innovation, Research and Education Action Plans that aim at enhancing plant-based innovation potential and the societal support needed to implement innovation. The Technology Platform is highly committed to assist in bringing stakeholders together (from industry, academy and farming communities), and participate to the development of a sustainable leadership of European Agriculture. The Plant ETP’s strategy is defined by the representatives of the General Assembly, further elaborated by the elected Board of Directors and implemented by its members and the Executive Manager.

Developing plan(t)s for the future requires an integrated action including:

  • RESEARCH – generation of knowledge about plants, their production and their valorisation into products;
  • INNOVATION – transformation of knowledge into practice and products;
  • EDUCATION – development of skilful and knowledgeable people for research, industry and the farming community.

European technology platforms

The role of Technology Platforms in stimulating more effective research and innovation, particularly in the private sector, can contribute directly to achieving the Lisbon objectives, developing the European Research Area and increasing investment in R&D.


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