External Events

The Plant ETP has listed a number of relevant events taking place the following months:


CRISPRcon          1 Sept - 29 Oct 2020       

Registration open            https://crisprcon.org/crisprcon-2020/


Research and Innovation Days   22-24 Sept 2020              

Registration open            https://research-innovation-days.ec.europa.eu/


Plant Biotechnology in sub-Saharan Africa – technology transfer and new policies           23-24 Sept 2020     

Registration open            https://www.plantlink.se/webinar-plant-biotechnology-in-sub-saharan-africa-technology-transfer-and-new-policies-23-and-24-september-2020/


Agriculture and Food Summit 2020          24-25 Sept 2020              

Registration open            https://diievents.dii.eu/agriculture-and-food-summit/


One CGIAR Global Webinar Series: Genome Editing in Agriculture: Innovations for Sustainable Production and Food Systems             22 Sept - 20 Oct 2020    

Registration open            https://www.cgiar.org/news-events/event/one-cgiar-global-webinar-series-on-genome-editing-in-agriculture-innovations-for-sustainable-production-and-food-systems/


The Business End of Farm to Fork: How can companies help deliver truly sustainable food systems?              1 Oct 2020         

Registration open            https://events.euractiv.com/event/info/the-business-end-of-farm-to-fork-how-can-companies-help-deliver-truly-sustainable-food-systems


European Week of Regions and Cities      5-22 Oct 2020   

Registration open            https://europa.eu/regions-and-cities/


Feeding the future: Can we protect crops sustainably?      5-7 Oct 2020

Registration open        https://www.soci.org/events/protecting-crops-in-a-challenging-future


Climate neutral food and wood: Showcasing best climate practices in agriculture, forestry, food systems and the bioeconomy

6 - 9 Oct 2020

Registration open            https://ec.europa.eu/easme/en/climate-neutral-food-and-wood-showcasing-b...


Euroseeds Virtual Congress 2020              11-13 Oct 2020

Registration Open            https://www.euroseedscongress.com/


Symposium: New genome editing technologies for medicine and agriculture – implications for the society   13 Oct 2020       

Registration open            https://www.pi.lu.se/en/activities/theme-crisprideas/symposium


Farm to Fork Conference – Building sustainable food systems together   

15-16 Oct 2020 

Registration open      https://www.farmtoforkconference.eu/


FOOD 2030 - Transforming food systems through Research & Innovation               

16 Oct 2020              

Registration open    https://www.food2030transformingfoodsystems.eu/#/


Gene Editing in Agriculture and Food: Social Concerns, Public Engagement and Governance       20-21 Oct 2020 

Registration open            https://geneeditedfoods.soc.iastate.edu/conference/


The Future of Food Conference 2020       1-2 Dec 2020     

Registration open            https://eitfutureoffood.eu/